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MISSION: To provide a realistic, hands-on and appropriate legal advice based on a comprehensive, recognized and legitimate research, analysis, and evaluation founded on a thorough understanding of our client's private and public background and situation asserting adequate professional fees and related expenditures adjacent to the client's needs and expectations, all under a rewarding work environment that advocates and encourages professional growth, development and excellence in a client-focus personalized legal services.

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The Gilchrist Law Firm was founded in December 2016. It was founded around clients and client focus and care is the main objective. The firm has relationship with every client and it keeps a low inventory of clients in order to provide personalized care.

We Work For You

An innovative and ground breaking legal team

The Gilchrist Law Firm's approach in representing our clients is true passion and commitment to the goals and expectations of each and every client.

The firm's inclined concentration in immigration, criminal, and traffic & accidents is an invaluable advantage to our clients because of our full understanding of its provisions, consequences and proceedings. Our ardor legal strategies and tactics protect our client's rights, freedoms, and immigration status.

We are passionate about delivering personalized client focus services and view ourselves as partners to all our clients working toward a common goal.

The Gilchrist Law Firm has successfully represented clients throughout Meclenburg county and all its adjacent counties.



Criminal Law

Our law firm’s experienced in criminal defense will work with you to effectively fight the charges brought against you.


The Gilchrist Law Firm are well versed and experienced in all facets of immigration law and have successfully represented a diverse number of clients in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.

Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

Traffic offenses are painful in terms of time and money. Aside from wasted time in the courthouse, your insurance rate will increase as well.

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