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Criminal Law

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Driving While Impaired (DWI)

  • Driving While License Revoked

  • License Restoration

  • Assaults

  • Larcenies

  • Domestic Violence

  • Alcohol Charges

  • Drug/Narcotics Charges

  • Weapons Offenses

  • Communicating Threats

  • White Collar Crimescompetition


  • Personal Injury

  • Car Accidents

  • Workplace Injury


The Gilchrist Law Firm provide expert guidance with your immigration issues and concerns including but not limited to the following:

  • Consular Processing

  • Deportation and Removal

  • DREAMers

  • Family Based Visas

  • Fiancé and Marriage Visas

  • I-9 Employment Compliance

  • Immigration Appeals

  • Naturalization

  • Permanent Residency

  • Refugees and Asylum

  • Same Sex Marriage Visas

  • Stateside Provisional Waiver

At GLF, our dedicated immigration team can help you with your immigration cases throughout North and South Carolina, which include Mecklenburg and adjoining counties. Contact our office for a free initial consultation.

Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

Traffic offenses are painful in terms of time and money, leading to increased insurance rates and wasted time at the courthouse.

You may consider just paying your ticket to avoid the hassle altogether.

DO NOT pay any speeding or traffic ticket without first speaking to our office. By paying your ticket you are admitting guilt and will face an automatic increase to your insurance premium.

Our dedicated legal team deal with traffic matters like yours every day and can argue to have your ticket reduced or even dismissed altogether. This means your insurance premium may not even be impacted.

Fighting your ticket on your own would likely mean taking a day off work to attend court - then you face the hurdle of negotiating with the District Attorney.

Instead of wasting your time, we will appear on your behalf and handle your ticket without you ever setting foot in a courtroom.

If you have received a citation, call our office (980) 219 8884 for a free consultation regarding how best to handle your matter.

We can advise you on the potential outcomes of your case depending on the county where the offense occurred, and can recommend actions that will lighten the effects of your offense competition.

When you receive speeding tickets due to your actions on the road, we work to reduce or eliminate traffic violations from your record, If you’ve been caught driving with a suspended license, we will represent you at DMV hearings or in court, if required. In many instances, you can avoid going to court because we will go in your place, file your paperwork, and will work to ensure you avoid points on your license.


In North Carolina, a conviction for DWI is a serious matter that can include up to 36 months imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 (N.C.G.S. 20-138.1 and 20-179(g)). Under the best circumstances, a conviction for DWI in North Carolina will cause you to have your driver’s license revoked for one year. However, it may be possible to have the court issue a Limited Privilege that will enable you to drive on a restricted basis during the period of revocation.

We know that this is one of the most stressful times of your life. You don’t know where to turn and you likely feel apprehensive about your legal options. will work to reduce or eliminate the damage a DWI can cause. Contact us today so that we can take this weight off your shoulders. Together, we will walk through the next steps, develop a comprehensive strategy, and build the best defense available. We know North Carolina’s laws and fully understand what officers of the court must do throughout the DWI process. We can spot strengths and weaknesses in your case. Based on these details, we can take it to trial if necessary and fight to to have you found not guilty.

We can assist you in navigating the DWI process and seek to obtain the best possible outcome for you. It will be necessary to speak with you personally concerning the events surrounding your arrest. After speaking with you, I will be able to provide you with an assessment of your case and an estimate of the cost to represent you. The initial telephone conference is free.

Important Issues You Should Be Prepared to Discuss With An Attorney:

  • Why did the officer say he pulled you over?

  • Did you have a valid license at the time?

  • Have you ever been convicted of DWI before?

  • Was the stop part of a checkpoint?

  • Where did the stop occur?

  • Was there an accident? If other vehicles were involved:

    • Was anyone injured?

    • How much was the property damage to each vehicle?

  • Was there anyone in the car with you? If so:

    • What were their ages?

    • Do they have any mental or physical impairments?

  • Did you admit to drinking or make any other statements to the officer?

  • Did you perform any field sobriety tests? Mainly:

    • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) eye test

    • Walk and Turn (WAT)

    • One Leg Stand (OLS)

  • Did you take a roadside Portable Breath Test (PBT)? What was the result?

  • Did you take an Intoxilyzer breath Test? What was the result?

  • Were you notified of your rights before taking an Intoxilyzer breath test?

  • Did you call for someone to witness the intoxilyzer breath test?

  • Was blood drawn from you?

Call us today for a free consultation with one of our NC DWI attorneys. (980) 219 8884

DWI Defense

For stop and arrest issues, whether or not the issuing officer had probable cause, or issues relating to standardized field sobriety tests, our knowledge and experience with these types of issues can help. We have the experience and background to get our clients the lowest possible sentence.

Testing Methods

It’s common to encounter issues resulting from poorly cleaned and calibrated Intoxilyzers, or improper testing administration. We will work to ensure that your conviction will be reduced to limited driving privileges, allowing you to go to work.

Legal Representation

The Gilchrist Law Firm provides legal services that include representation in court, investigation of their cases, and filing of motions. Let us help you or your loved ones navigate the complexities of the court system with critical representation.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is quite common in our society. We provide criminal defense and representation when protective orders have been issued, and work on your behalf to get these orders dropped. Our team does all the filing of paperwork from the time our clients are charged.

Legal Advice

Advice from friends or family does not constitute a legal advice. True legal advice forms an agreement between an attorney and his or her client based on a particular legal matter at hand.

Legal Advice Characteristics:

  1. Requires legal knowledge, skill, education, and judgement.

  2. Applies specific law to a particular set of circumstances.

  3. Affects someone's legal rights or responsibilities.

  4. Creates rights and responsibilities in the advice-giver.

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